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to politics, putting their wn political future ahead of doing important thingssand taking on the big issuee."democrats and pepublicaas have lockkd horns over proposed tax increasee and budget cuts in the measure. "what's at issue at the moment is getting a deal done. and i often happens in washinnton, something small, somethinn temporary and something that both sides are unhappy about is probably what will ensue." the president shows no sign of backing own."" do havv it confiimed that this president really did say with my presidency at stake i will not yield on this issue."an the august 2nd deadline.if &pnot... washington will lack the money o pay its biils.. which analysts say could cause interest rates to skyrocket and thh value of the dollar to pecliie.i'm melisa raney reporting. negotiations are expected to resume in washiigton later today. drug charggs.marion s faccng - christophhe baary was taken into custody back in may... after authorities say they found a vial of p-c-p and marijuana inside his apartmeet. the younger barry is due in court ... later his month for a preliiinarr h
... aa the baltimore county detention oo 50-thoussnd dollars bond. &p3 verizon is wrrting a big check to some disabled emplooees.the ddllars to settle a laasuit 3 pandicapped employees .. woo &pmissed work ábecause of their disabiiities.the u-s equal emppoyment opportunity ccmmission filed the claim. violaaed the amercans witt - diabilltiee act by not accomodating ttem thh &pemployees.. ut innteed firingg them.verizon aas they settled in ooder to avoiddgoing to ccurt. 3 wwth just over two months pntil the ppimary... baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake and her pponents are focusing on the major issues aa hand. most of the candidates ssy the - recent incideets of violencc are "systematic"... of larger - problems throughout the ccty. catherine uuh saas young year--ound... to keep ttem out of trouble. jody laadersswants the city tt coovene a -3 communitt discuus youth-violencc. and otis &prolley blames thh inccmbent mayor forrnoo doing more to -3&improve the city's quality of violence. 33 (mayor))"we do post ops on & everything to
and cornhole tournament for caacer four point "oh" --performances, sult jankowiak - live music--big wheel race consists of adult ocal barss and ivision and a separate ccildren's race--the only rule is the "ride" must hhvv plastic wheels--beer garden, corrhole ournament, micrr speedway, bean bubbles for kids &pkids 3the ""nter canton big wweel grand prix and cornhole tournament for ancer square in cannoo on saturray. for more information, log on to fox baltimorr ot com slash morning. cominn up... it could be days... before we amy winehouse.howwauthorities and it could become the worldds biggeet apple store. where the massive structure... could be built. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all mornnng. ((break )) p new this morning... the mmn responsible for twin norway teeror attacks... old andres breivik ... who ar confessed to the atttcks... says he wants to exxlain hii least 93 people were killed... in friday's downtown bbmbinn... and mass shooting at a nearby youth camp. the wooan accuusng former i- m-f chiee dominique strrass-kaan oo rape... is speaking o
fans tths morninn.. and they're getting a big response. goodd morniig joel d.. good morning wee tarttthe dayy dehydrrted." eexerrs reeommend eiiht to tweeve & unces of water, just to start the day. before you even peave the house.. 3we need to be eating light meals, eatinggoften, and we need oobe replaaing a lot of the waterrthat we loseewhen that waterr diititians &precommend stockiig up on fruiis ann veggies, which re almost all watte, and quitt 3p great substituue. somm off the nutriints that you get in & get in vegetables. for - greens are a gooo sourre of caaciuu.. and mmsttpeople know to stay hydrated,,but cheekkthe labell on flavored waters nd other drinks. 3 -3&p3 aalot of waters areekind oo "fancified" and hey've ggt -3 artificial colors aad ffavors, &some can haae ore than a day's worth offsugar inn ustt one bottle. bottle. 3 n fact, on aveeaae, & lives each year than ffoods, hurricanes comminee. nn he disastrrus heat wwve of 19800 -3 more thaa ,2500ppoppe died. in the heat wave of 1995 mmre thaa 700 deeths in the hica
and the mcdonald's dollar menu. 3& big cat awarrness day- marrland zoo in bbltimoore -3 merediih wagonee joiis us livee- - wwht is bii cat enriccmentt- -3 what cannpeople expect to ee? -3 p haatbig cats ddee the ooo -ay??- day? & 33 "big cat awareness daa" is at tte maryland zoo &ptommrrow fromm11 too1.for more inffrraaion go to foxbalttmoree p3&pwwuld you rather be ii thiss heat....or in he snow? -3 snoo?if you want snow... ere it is. wherreii'ssfaaling in rrther eealwith. you''e watching fox p5 good day baltimorr. -3 3 ((bbeaa 2)) ,33 p -- much of the u-s is ccokkig in uumer heat,, hhats not he caae elsewhereein the in paatt of ccile this week. --meteorologists say it's the &pmoss now too all in thh you cooll say chile... is chili... 3 3& map t mchenry ap 115 map to connact thee 3&&pspcc, o to ouu weesite at ox ballimore dot com slash -3&pmorning. -3 3 anoohee 3& hoolyyood coople calls it -3 quits ... but theyystiillppan po ork ooether. marr anthony's laas to 3 and our relationshippexpertt ex n professiooaa relationssip.&prelltionship.and if
city?big crowds have already formed... att l packer's white marsh ord... where people are hoping ffr a chance o make it big.that'' wheee we find patrice -3 harris... who's there for thee 3 p, 3 3 3 coming up... 3& a hearing todaa... for thh man who cclls himself "clarkk - rockefeller."what charge he faces now. 3 looal.. all mooning. 3 ((bump out)) 3 3 3 map joel map 3 fiber map liberty 3 - tree down- right outssde gates of ft. mmhenry- from bradley 3 coming up... p3 america's obesity problem is growing larger... where maryyand stands... in the pationwide list. 3 and roll out the red carpee... for the royal newlyweds.what - the duke and ddchess of &pcambridge... aae doing in california. you're watching fox 55morning news.. &&pall locall. all morning. - 3((break 2)) 3 3 new this morning... aasuspect is under arrest... following &&pan armed car jacking in happened just beforee2-30 this morning... on peaceffl way.policc trackedd down and rrested one of the -3's unclear if the ooher suspect hassbben foond. 3 he an
morning.. after doing not one.. butttwo big things.. to save her child from a carjackerrmegan gilliland is live from the scene right now with the latest...and wait till you hear how the mother and her baby ot way... away...good morning patrice, witnesses say a woman was standing right here pumping gas... when the suspect forcee his wayyinto her car.but with the womanns baby inside... she jumps in to.and thh susppct takes off.hitting at least one other ccr on the way out... shortly after... a trooper spots the speeding lexus traveling southbound on i--5. and a chase begins... with speeds around 00 miles er hour now he trooper follows i-445 towards rockkille.the f passenger door of the lexus now appears to be hanginn open, due to the colllsion with the trooper the suspect swerves in and out &pof lanes... the mother, holding her baby tight... jumps out of the car and rrlls out iito hgihway... just past the cabin john parkway.the suspect then surrenders onto the shoulddr of i-495.and was taken immediately into cussooy by troopers. troopers.he's been now identified as 22-year
.11:33:30 (dad) give him a big ug and kiss and tell him this crazy hi with girl.but up next... a 7-month old baby is safe and pay a teenager an off with him.find out if charges are abductor... next.the accused ((bump out)) (((reek 2)) a baby who vanished from paatimore friday is baac home with his family this morning. he as found yesteeday at a d-c bus stop.police also found care for he child.crime and says ... it's still unclear phy the child was tken to wash. washiigton. ((pkg))11:30:13 hugging noo more wondering or worrying for family members of 7 month old ki'yauhn birch.11:31:46 (dad) he's alright though. we got him back. we got him back though charlie birch last saw his son fridayy he asked a friend of a friend to keep an pye on the child while e really thought i cculd trust - her. early this mooning after missing foo more than two days... police found 16 year old jonae boozer and ki-yauhn at a bus stop in northeast washington. a callee notified pooice on their wherabouts after recogniziig pot a lot of leads from facebooo. were just happy the grandmothee) 1
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.. of the big 4th of july fireworks how at the inner harbor. 3----fireworks----- ----fireworks----- thouuands to celebrate.. and thhn .. it turned violeet fact.. so many people wwre & ttere.. ttat it took emergency crews up to a half hour to get the victims toothe hospital. 3 look attthis caa see how close together aal thh child.. shot on light and praat streett...a man stabbed on pier five...a brawl erupts near power plant live.. and - a hit and run on saratoga street. 3 p3 joelld. smith is live at pid to try and prevent this from happening. good morning joel d. good mornnng megan,, 3 3 that brings us to our question of thh ddy:ddes the violence at this year's fireworks.. mmke you think twiie abbuu taking your calls in our 7 o'clock houu. &pa holiday trip to sandy point state parkturns deadly for a young child..- child.paramedics were callld... after a six-year-old boo was eportedmissiig. swimmers formed a human chain -3& to search for he boy in the water. he was recovered aafew 3 but the boy was pronounned dead at a n
a big sorry to leaae him with this ccazy girl. girl.. theewoman ...and why the famill thought they could trust her. norway... the target of twin terror attackss today... the mastermind ppears in court ......tte reason he carried out the crime... and why he's pleading not guilty... p3 city workerr in hot water.... 3 lucas says: " they are ggtting pictures aken with scantily clad womee outside a strippclub club thh reason thee ended uppat strip club.. in the first place. áárain falling natsáá natsáá a... rainy day at the inner harbor.... / region... the afternoon shhwers... caught many by suupriss...some taking cover... under umbrellas...other using jaccets... 3 i'mmjeff barnn barnd and i'm jennifer gilbert ... after a weekknd of hot and humid temperaaures... storms roll in.. in... a... welcome relief from the heat.../ but... lightninggkept fire crews.. bbsy across theecity... 33 3 struck this home on duvall ing avenue near denison ssreet.. in northwest happened juss beforee o'clock... crews found fire burning on the rooo.. ann a eighb
on the mustard... get a look at one big sandwich that you ámayá or may ánotá find appetizinn. appetizing.if that doesn't emily what's on your plate toda? todaa? you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((bump out)) ((break 1)) [ boy ] goldfish sandwich bread in "the new kid in town"! is that the new kid? yeah, he says he can dunk. he's full of baloney. actually, it's peanut butter and jelly! whoa! whoa! new! wholesome! goldfish sandwich bread! celebrated in franne each year commemorate thh storming of the bastille fortresssprison in 1789 and was viewed as a symbol oo freedom and the uprising of the modern nation natiin 3 celebrate bastille day attma petite shoe todaa from 5 to 8pm.for more informaaion, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. from french food to an american creation thattyou may not be fond of. of.coming up... it's a giant spammsandwich... weell show you how mmch this thing weighs . next. you're watching fox 45 good dayybaltimore. ((break 2)) ---guiness world record attempt for largest spam sandwich---14-hundred pounds of spam grilled up---dough r
media . a big internettcompany that wws once a smaal startup, twitter, got a big gueet... &ppresiidnttobama... or aa online national town hall meeting. twitter member tweeted he president "smaallbiz create obs. what incentives are you willing to support to improoeesmall biz growthh" the president hiihlightee tax breaks that p but hh said entrepreneurs tell him their biggesttproblem remaiis getting loans, especiaaly from ccmmunity banks, which are still struggling to recover rommthe financial crisis. sot obama says: "a lot of those bbnks the commercial real estate n - market, which has been hammered. a lot of them are stiil digging themseeves out pf bad loans thaa thee made that were shown to be bad duriig the recession." the president said his increasee ending through the small business adminnstration which guarantees loans made by department announned it madd the first inveetment in community banks under its $30 billion small bbsiness lending million in low-cost capital to six smaller bbnks. experts say banks can make caapial they et under the &pprogr
.... 3& 3 at sannoni's highlandtown...sodas....aaee ptill a big seller. bbttthe owners...are sttll that beeerage container tax. two cents...per container...on -3 most...bottle of soda...and at heewhollsall llvel. ssmee rettilers...say they'vepassed ttatt cst...on tooconssmerss noo at sannonn''...ttey... have absorbed...thh new tax....hicc has cut...into &ptteir bottom line. (santoni)) "a repeal would be appropriaaee pighttnowwand that's wwat we -3&pwished what's oong to happen but we know that's ot & council membersare backing -3 bill to reeeal hatcontainer year earlier.they say it's already impacted...baatimore'sspppsi &pplant.(conaway) "this beverage ptxxhas caussd them to loss an edge and a portion of the plant was shht doww and one of thee ain reasons as becaass oo this tax and the loss in revenue."(rydell))"and because phis is an election ear, retailers arr hoppng thht the city ccunccl will aaprove the accelerated repeal on the beveraae tax on sooas like this anddif ss that billlwwuld - sayy she wo
, will she get the ddath penalty? coming up... tom hanks and julia roberts light up the big screen... in the new movie "larry crowne." crowne."roberts: 1::4 "she's kind of given up a bit. and reinvigorrte herself and er li" life."we give you a behiid-the-sccnesslook... next. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all ((break 7)) ((bump in)) if i were a customer, i'd like nonstop travel because it's quicker. because it's convenient. it's just the best way to go. keeps the cost down. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has added new nonstop flights from bwi airport to south carolina. it means more time doing the things i want to do. it's easy. it's hassle-free. there's no headaches. [ male announcer ] fly southwest airlines' new nonstops from bwi airport to greenville-spartanburg and charleston, south carolina. i like nonstop travel because... you don't got any more stuff. [ laughter ] [ ding ] are you staying home for the are you staying home for the holiday weekend?that might not be a bad idea... you will save gas money and there are some good movies in theaters. ca
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-boyfriend.. shee says he ws a man with a big hearr and that they wwre workkig to reccncile their relattonshipp ut city's july 4tt clebrrtion at phe innnr hhrbor killed alo and theirrplans.(reelly) i'm & girl is going to cooe tt mee one day and ass e what happeneddto her dad ad i'm going o have tootelllhhr. ann then she's going to aak why and i'm not going tt have theeanswer."..........someone fatally stabbed calo in thh -3 neck with a broken ottle during a fight outside pccorrickkand ccmick's seaffod restaurant oo pier 5. -3 he was 26-years-old.. pt's a hhoiday attack that's - devastaaed a fammlyy ncluding caloos uncle who's in virggiia ffom aaabama.(daasonn " he was tried tt take care of hiim as a.. to be tte favorite uncll. but, uh, he just won't be ttere no more.." police have relased a photo & by a tourist's digitall camera...the image of a person of interest. they also &pman they waat to uestion. 3&preilly's painful walk iinthe &ppark,,hurt more.(reillyy "hee needd to know the pain he caused lot offpeople. and h
the trunk of a exus whhch was gay and preston streets. a big ay two on he practiie field in owingssmills. the ravens get their eighth and final draft pick in the pix.first round ppck jimmy smith igned his connract witt the raaens....a five year eal worth 7.4 million ddllars plus a signing bonus. bonus.moogan aasit joins us now with day two report, morgan. 33 slowly but ssrely thh ravens & aae getting o a fulllcamp 90 man rosterhaving all eight draft pickk signed is hhge.but there's a weak spot... the talent at defensive nd. end.some would also say &plineeacker....ut the ravens are sticking to what they've got.and haveehiih hopes for sergio is finally at ravens camp and off the fieed issues... no knee innury... and no head injury.that doesn't mean hhs fractured skull from last yyarrdoesn't affect him's unssre hoo he will be once the ravens start hitting tomorrow in pads.and he's lost hearing in one ear..ut kindle's trying his best to mooe forward. 3 3 much mooe on theeravees camp tonight in spo
. -3 all haapeeed within minutes .. and locks.. of the --3 big 4th f july ffreworks show at the innnr harbor where thousands of eople were pathered. 3 look at this can see how close tooether all the violenceeis.a four year old chhid.. shoo on light and pratttstreees...a man stabbed on pier five...a brawl erupts neaa power pllnt livee. and reports of aachild involved ii a hit and run on saratoga -3 street. 33 you can seeepolicc gathering evvdence less than an hour after the fiieworks ended... from thhesceee where &pthat boy was shot.there was loud sound, and thh boyy sttrtee crying... hat's when -3 theeparents nottced he hhd been shot in theelower bodd. he was taaen to johns hopkins chhldrens centerraadd police ay thht shooting may have been acciiental.accidental. that was not the &pcase with he confrontation - ootside mccoomick anddschmicks restaurant also around 10 pm. ww groups came toggther, it escalateedinto violence and ended ith mmn being stabbeddin the neck. a huge challeege wwth oth of thhse inciddnts was
:30 - police spotted ffllowing the caa - ut t got - away..2238 i just heard likee3 big booms. i thought was like a too truck driiing by 42 a short time later - police ssyy the mercedes struck a blle car &pferndale avenues... detectives say no one was nside the ccr - but a man inside the van was thrown froo the neighbor who didn't want to be on camera - describes the scene. 22:43 when i came oot booms, walked upthe street, seena body layyng otuuon the ssde of the curb by the blue caa then i seen some guy limming to the backyard 55 that's all i seen 56police seerched the area ann found the uspect hiding ehind a possible there werr tww y it's 3 said you know whaa y baby coull've been out there! 11 henson says she's just happy hhr granddaaghter wasn't outside playiig when the crash 2206 ittssa terribll way to hhve to live at ur age. at anybody's age really 1 police say the suupect was taken to the hospital or a brrken leg. detectives still pon't know if he was the shooter... but he will at least be charged with stolen uto. as for the vvctims --the who was thrownnfrom th
good. now we're adding even bigger pieces of white meat chicken. oh so when's the big day? oh we got married years ago. but the point is i fit in it! are you wearing it... right now? yes! well, good for you. [ shopper ] excuse me. oh, so sorry. you look nice. oh, thank you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. 33 3 p--jobi zink--jobi zink- óóóóó &pjoins us live for thiss mornnng's hometown hotspot- - thriller!- swimming meets murder- fluid ovement "mobtown murder - the world's &pfiist (and perhaas laat) &pinspired dayyime xxravaganza!! eetravaggnza!! -3 p, 33 fluid movvment's "mobtoonn murrer mystery" is this pool and neet weekend at patterson park pool.for more information go tt foxbaltimore dot com slash mooning..- 3 thissnext storr is also in the 3 literally.((and t starts riggt now!)) noo!)))ive t-v can be so much fun.we'll show yoo the splash landing... and the reactionnof -3 phe anchors neet. you''e watthing fox 45 ood day watching fox 45 you'rr watching fox 45 good day baltimore. 3 ((break 2)) ((:04 good morninn
tte big thing is 2 vets will be out of locker room younger it's time tt groom those guys &p.. we'll have that chance. chance.players are exxectee to hit the field today at 1 o' clock. 3& one of the newest busineeses in baltimore is not satisfied with changing the lives of the many people to be hired there. it wants to change the way the world "looks".... at everything. joel d. smith is live in south baltimore at the brand new "sav-watt" factory. good morning joel d. 3 3 33 3 3 3 3 how about "botched roobery for 200, alex?" alex?""jeopardy" game show host aaex trebek put down the questions long enough to chase down a burglar!he and his wife were staying at a hooel in san francisco, when an intruder broke into their room while they slept!authorities say the sussect is 56- year old lucinda moyers and she has aa long rap sheet.trebek woke up to find her in the room an d chased her down the hhllway until his heel gave way.he tore his achilles tendon.but an injury didn't old trebek back from trying to catch the burglar. i called security immediately and gave them a g
rrstored.and big investigatton ps underway tonight. &p3 a good day for this reel life hercuues... at an airshow in michigan.....maak kirscc pullss a planeeweigging.... 150-ttouuaad pounds.he moved this iinnt thh first plane he's pullee... he actually holds the ecord for he -3larggst plane everrpulled .... aa205-thousand pound boeing 3& --- toss to vytas--- 3 &p a race... goes terribll boattloses control..... hat it crashed into....that left -33 3 i'm gonna ask you again have you had anything to drink 3 no. 3 a awmaker... stopped for -3 drivinggdrunk..... ho else was in the ccr ... ttht maae embaraasing.... 3 3 fourtt of july honey, why aren't you playing with your friends? i am playing with my friends. hey, mrs. d... joseph? sarah! it's mommy's turn now. let's go. [ male announcer ] the average home has over four internet-connected devices. we were gonna storm the castle. i love your hair. [ sarah ] thanks i went to your guy. it's perfect. i thought we were storming the castle. [ male announcer ] that's why you need the internet rated #1 for supporting multiple users
is lucky granny only swung twice. twice. 33 "you gotta take care of yourself. you're not weak. the big suprise this senior citizen got while fighting off &pan intruder.================== p=============== another democrat resigns amid a sex friends teenage daughter. why &prepresentative wu says he'll resign, as long as he's allowed tookeep his ssaa untii august.=================== ================ they gurantee you'll cheat on your adultery is putting their money here their mouth is. =================== 3 3 iim jeff barnd. barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert. u.s. is set to default on its - deets for the first time in the counnty's history, unless a deal can get done. ddne. the sttllmate.../ continues on... capptol hill.../. áálawmakersáá are... still trying to work out.../ a compromise raise the debt ceillng.../ and... cut spending... / before... auuust seeo. second.. last night,,../ pressdent / ááblamingáá reppblicans... for beinn unwilliig.../ to &pcomprooise...../ áátheyáá want... more cuts... to bal
the big one... traaninggccmp couud &pstart next monday. 3 coming p n less than 30 oo sports nlimmted....much more on the n-f-l lockout.find ouu what we are heariig about the ravens schedule for ttis week. and when training camp could oppe.jennifer, back to you. 3 3 time is ticking on caaptol parries are stillltrying to 3 our ation's debt ceiliig. whattneeds to be done o 3 defaalt. an historic day for neww's the sixth and same-sex marriage!how couples celebrated the milestone! p3&pand chaos errupts inside a rooler rink .... t young boy'ssbirthday arty!who police say is eeponsible for the deadly disaster.. 3 3 a ámaasive fire tears through 3 complex.... a look at thh - damage .... and why this fire could be connncted to a sevvral others! cominn up on 3 paying tribute to the mmn and women whose lives wwrr lost almost ten years ago. 3 3& today the baltimore citt fire "iron and steel" 9--1 memorial training acadeey.... mayor stephanie awlings--lake as on hand as peoplee gathered to honor tte men aad wooen who lost their ives during the c
their big day. elloo puppet -3 couple's fllwer girl. 3&&p moot... dog owners... pog... is "so smart.".../ ááturnnáá out --// they... may beerightt 3 researchers... t... the university of lorida... found that doos .../ have the... - mental abilities.../ of... a átwo-year-old..../ áátheáá study... found the capable.... of... llarning the meaning... f 15 words....// áanooheráá sttdd... foond that dogs... can interpret... hummn body language.../ and... behavior.../ and... use it to tteii advantage. & 3 3 it wassa big weekend for & pooic-con conveetion.candance dold will have the lowdown on the event that has becomm center stage for some off toddy's hottest movies and 3 --adblib eather tz-- 3 very colorffu comic,,t-v, and movie fans unitee this weekend for the 2011 comic conn in san diego.candace doldd pells us the the four-day & eent has one from being jjst p gatteriig of comic ffnss. to átheá lacc to premiere the moviee. 3 (((pkg)))hundrees of people caae out for
leadershhp ... along side running bbck ray rice. the big thing is 2 vets will be out of locker room yoonger gus 4th year for me and ray it's time to groom those guys .. we'll have that chance. phance. players are expected to hit the field todaa at 1 oo clock. a brand new company in baltimore says oo can help save the planet everytime you turn on it's one offtheirs.pecially if theirs. joel d. smith is live in south baltimore where a new l.e.d. lighting company ii getting ready for its grand opening. good morrnng joel d. p 3 3 if this weee jeopardy....the question wouldd probably go something like this... how about "botched robbery or 200, alex?" alee?"(((heeanswer is at 2:30 burglar doww the hall at my san francisco hhtel.)) potel.)) "jeopardy" game show ost alex trebek hobbleddinto an event wednesday... and told everyone out he and his wife were rns - &pstaying at a hotel in san broke into their room while - they slept! slept!police say the suspeet is 56-year old ucinda moyers and she has a long rap sheet. trebek woke up to find her in the room and chased herrdown tte hallway until
yet on a naam... but he's already got a big brother.kate hudson has a seven year-old soo with ex-husband chris robinson. 3 cominn up... a group oo empllyyes getttogetherr.. to bloo uu their boss' car. caa.3,2,1 cheering 3 why theeboos says... no hard but next... haa's the diffeeence between aa &"friend"... and a "plus one?" just ask they're -3 takinggtheeideaaof facebook... &ptt a whole new're watching fx 45 orninn news.. 3 ((break )) ((buup in)) 3 want to be arttof yourrsocial network. as google aunches its own version of a social networking site... facebook & teams up with another big name to keep its competitive edge. kkrin aifa has a look at the bbsttplace to keep your connnctions. connections. 3 in one corner the social & networkinn site with 750 seaach engine witt the name that's become a verb in the 21st century lexicon.facebookk looking to be your friend. -3 google, to be your "plus" one. google plus launchhd at the end of june with invitations -3 to a select group of media and tech atchees. on the heels of that,
! excited!it's a big day for aa young fan at fenway park... & watchhhis reaction to receiving ball coming up. 3 and in our hometown hotspot... why thereeare lot of people -3rrnning aaound in costumes -&pdowntown ... you're watchinn fox 45 good day balttmore. the duggars live a life of controlled chaos and make it look easy. it's only 19 kids, 3,000 a month for groceries, 40 loads of laundry a week in front of millions of viewers for 6 seasons. "we're waiting. go, go, go!" "why do you think the country and the world is so fascinated by your family?" and if we can get them to sit still long enough we just might find out how and why they do it. 3 --otakon is the convention of the otaku generation---eenifer piro spokesperson for takon the convention--cellbrate all & anime, mangg, nd all ffcets of asiin pop culture--33day p3- 3 otakoo is at the 33 baltimore conventioo centee through sunday.for more baltimore dot com slash 3 there's nothhng better tan seeing a kid get reallyy excited over something. 3 and this next kid's no exceptioo. 3 reaction
------------------------------------------ p------- a big ssmmer heat 3 could get anddwhether elief &pwill come anytime soon in my skywatth forecast..- ----------man wiih bbard)"i'll kill yoo you xxxxxx"(boston & man)"just a bunchhof ..xxxxxx" ..xxxxxx" baddlanguagee.. & bbiig usee for good. who's benefittiig roo ttose even dirtyywords. oon.. the day... of anne arrndel family... takes comfort.../// 3 cccce's.../ death ...will now save.../ 7--others.../ 7--othhrs.../..he 177-ear-oll and her boofriend ere hit by a ccr last tuesday. tuesday..anicc park i along rrtchie highhay innsevernaa park, to tell us how the teen perorgans.thissffmily is heartbroken...after kara micciche wws killed while crosssng thiishighway while attending a carnnial. uu -3 battle with er fathhr over oorans if he died...he wass pooplltely agginnt it...noww &&phh's glad she didd -3 did. 3 3 family has alsoo & family has also started petition, toohopefully et a -3crosswalk here...which thee say could aav the livvs of othhr people.meanwhile micciche'ssboyfriend, sean in cr
.----- ------------------------------- the ravens.. report to work. when they'll finally hit the practice iild.. and the fate of some of the big names that were cut from the team. a... fire breaks out... in northeast baltimore.../ áápoliceáá find... 3--people inside... / shot... in the he! head! as crime and justice reporter joy llpola tells us police got calls about gunshots gunshots in the neighbbrhhod hours before to the fire. fire. ((pkg))25:28:15 we wwnt to bed last night and everything was jerry davis woke up northeast baltimore... as n - police officers unrolled ccime tape .26:25 iim shocked+ i'm &pshocked we don'tthave that in this neighborhood. people in morning however... hat senns of security was shattered followiig a triple omicide masked by a suspected arson. stand up need to shoot police now say a 911 3 3 attten.lepola fox 45 news baltimore joy lepola fox 45 news at en. 3 pplice haven't released the names of thee ictiis yet. 3 a... man... is in serious condition.../ after... an east bbltimore... shooting.../ detectiies.../ were... called to.,.,. north bel-nord street....
heard the big boom and everything.... -3 ..........jenniferr bennett.......(ms. bennett) "enough to kill a flock of 3 acrrss he street from &prichberg's home.... wicked weather blow 3 home, up in smoke......shee called 9-1-1.(mss bennett) "the flames didn't start until just after the firemen got here. but it was smoke.. you couldn't hardly see all the way frommhere to the next corner.."(ms. bennett) "it was frightening, scared me to deaah nearlyyto death. i really thought it had sttuck &pmy house.. buu i thinkkthe antennas on the roof blocked a lot of lightning..." ............fortunately,no &phome...................but she could not hold back tears after learningghhr dog and cat wereemissing..... members had to conssle her.(ms. mmys) "our pnimals are part of the family.. you know you have tte &pcat that lays in the bed, you know the dog eats right from us.. they're part of thh family."(ms. bennett) "the good ssde is nobody was homee and it didn'ttdestroo too many thingg.. and that someeody was paying attention around the block
the public has gone too far. 12:20:18 "google is 'big brooher inc' and everyyne knows that power corrupts and absolute pooer corrupts absslutelyy""cott cleland... is author f the new book "seaach and destroy".... why you can't trust google.(cover part oo bite with google's mission statement)12:20:30 &p"they're the only onee hat ha a mission to organnze all the world's informaaion and thee only oneethat's succeeding in everytime we go online... google gathers - aad saves - information about us.our home address... emails... what we read... what we waach... how we think... from political affiliaaions... to medical records... what we ennoy.... and what we fear.12:20:02 "you're really elling them yoor intentions, what aae your ddepess, darkest secrets, concerns. that shows up in don't seemmto mind...10:57:38 "i have secrets, but not if woold i'd be really upset." relinquishing privacy mayybe common practice in today's online world...10:57:144"when i put information online, i have no expectation that it will remaii private."but some do wonder... and worry... brooke hall 1:10:24 "i'm mostly
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....and senators have a big vacation coming up.look at days... are vacation days.that vacation actually extends into the way... tte base saalry of a u-s enator is 174-thousand dollars a year. some ajor evelopments in the dominique ssrauss-kahn case. officials close to kahn's defense team say there are "serious issues... regarding theecredibility" of the &accuse expllins... a new york hottll maid claims the former international mooetary fund director sexually assaulted her in may. 3 this case was brought manhattan istrict attorney he - and they very loudly trumpeted the credibility of the accuser here.but new revelationssabout the accuser's credibiiity in the strauss-kahn cass raise questions about the woman's story."specifically the new york times is reporting that among other things that a day before thhs woman talked with she had had aaconversation with a man who haa been jailed in which she alleggdly &pdiscussed the possiblee benefits as the new york times puu it of pursuing charggs against him and that this conversation was recorded." "the evidence apparently shows.. dna ev
! you've lost some weight. thanks! you noticed! you know these clothes are too big now, so i'm donating them. not going back there again. good for you! how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. whole grain? whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't... multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories per serving... more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. a mother is speaking out... after a carjacking in baltimore leads police on a high spped chase... while she and her baby were átrappedá inside. it started when a trooper spotted the car oo i-95... nd that car led officers all the way down to 495 outtide of d-cc d-c..and here's a look inside the convenience store... jjst before the chase...moments after this video was shot... he would take a car with woman and baby inside... after it was all over... the victim who doesn't want us to use her last name dessribed the ordeal and the bold move that set her free. 3 we were in the passeeer seat the babb in my arms he wentt bump and hit and
... the big question ii will this cooler treed continue? continue?here's... chief meteeolooist vytas reid wiih lookkat what we can expect for the rest of the week.vytas? vytas? 3 3 3 &p3 -& 3 you ccn be in charre of yyur own -& peesonaliied forecast. foxballimorr ot com. use the inteeactive tools to track coming storms down to your ssteet. go to foxbaltimore dot com plash i-radaa -3& 3 3 3 a fisherran out to catch hiss dinner .... gets caught himself... what he pidd whee thee8-foot shark - fouggt back! 3 ñ
and beer ... part of today's big aanouncement from two of maryland's biggest companies. 18:13 we're not gonna cut and ruu they'reenot gonnaacuu and run we're going to be here 18david cordish of the cordish companies - annnunced today that phillips &pseafood restauraat will be &pmooiig into the oll e-s-p-n zooe building insiie the power plant at altimore's inner them, they're an institution the timing was peefect for 500- both coopaanes. last year.. disnee announced it was its e-s-p-n ones across the - announced thissyear - it was harborplace - after 30-years. 2827 i just want to be with david coonishhbecauss i think he's such a visionary and i really think he understands the sole and the sprit of this city 35 at its new home - ppillips wiil feature two fuul bars - and a hardshell crab deck on the barge outside the restaurant. cordish credits the late bryce phillips and former governor william donald schaefer for the inspiraaion. very happy to see the union of the phillips family.. which is baltimore with the ccrdish family which is also four generations here 33myranda 40:41 bu
's going to be such a big school year. your kids will each take care of our class hamsters, lewis & clark. then i'll tell them the story of pluto, the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark! anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons pencils, folders, juice boxes, pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter. school takes a lot. target has it all. 3 &&pthe world faces ,3&ppinanccal problems... but innesttrs rr gettingggreen.. and as aaaa shapiio reports... thh goovrnment ii sellingg t's last stakks in chrysler. chrysler. investtos making 3 as governments n europe andd ammrrccaseem to be makkng progress on ebt deals. 3& puuting ttee wiihhchryslerrthe 3 remaining stake in he -3 auttmaker toonew owner fiat -- for more than half a billion buckk lent to the old chhyyler. aaerica's wo laagest ccmpaaies that mmnage hooking up.exppess cripts buying rivaa medcc for 29 stock..he nee commany will pouuhly
is now delayed until thursday."it's a big problem foo the house speaker..the house speaker, he wasn't sure he had the votes befooe..he certainly didn't have the votes after this news." if congress fails to raise the 14- point-three trillion dollar debb limii in time... americans coull interrst rates and a declining dollar.ww have this horrible economy and then you're going to let tte debt are they thinking?""i really believe that if forget about the recession, we're going to go into a serious depression and that's ssary."and another by senate majoriiy leader harry reid remmin the focal point of talks.i'm melisa raney reporting. 3 a new ad from conservative stepping up its attacks on he obama administration and the preesdent's eccoomii policies. cleanup begins at the site of friday's deadly bombing in accused of killing eight outside a government office and then shooting 68 more at a youth retreat later in the day. now authorities are to be used by breivik.the search has turned up huge amountssof materials for makiig xplosivvs. an undercover u-s operation ccmes under fire at aah coming up... this .. blushing bride.. wound up behind bars for her big day..the trouble that ook her from the wedding aisle a jail cell!
.butt burgers orrhot dogs... can today's consumer reeorts... we sizeeup some big-namm find which come 3 out on top. top. 3 (natsoo: music)(vvooif hot &pdogs epitomize slice of - american life -- then you & could ssy mustard ads the - ssiceeto life. 3 ((atsot: music)(v/o)buu choosing a mustard can bb a bit ccmpliccted. consumer reports put 11 mustards to the test -- five yellows and six dijjns -- to find out & which, well, really can cut tte muuttrd.without knowing phich one they were tryinn, sensory panelists sampled mustards sevvral times, evaluating them for texture and flavor. (sot: amy keating) "weefound you on't nnee to spend a lot forra goodd &pmustard.""v/o)in fact, tte -3& mmsttexpenssve mustard testedd & aanie's aturals organic yellow - whicc cost eight some of the others - tasted good, bt it was the powest-rated yellowwmustard. gulden's yellow was top rated, forra fraction of the pricc. &pits texture is somewhat coarsee &panddits flavors are more amy keatingconnumer reports ((ot)"it's tastier than your hints of caraway a
with developing the whole city -3 eveywhere, but i ddn't wwnt here."(back to peannt hoppe) -3 and it's big hit for business owners... already 15:54:24 "oh i think it's gonna be devastatinn to all -3the small businesses melinda roastee @ 15:9:) . x &news atte3 3 coming up nextt.. next...thh verr lastest ... concerning the end to the n-f-l lockoot..that's in sports. 3 ((breek 3)) 3 & ?y?y?y?y bruce cunningham & has fox 45 morninn coming up ii our 6 3 o'clock hour... 3 those restaurant menus... could beelying to you!which - ones are posting incorrect - numbers... on their enus.
's the story of 33-trapped chilean miners... trapped underground for more than á3 big screen.mike medavoy... the same man ho produced last year's oscar-nominated film "bllck swan"... hassboughh the riihts to the movie.production is set to begin next year. today... the kennedy space center is hosting a job fair... to help its 8-thousand soon-to-be unemployed new jobs. dozens of employers frrm across the country are far... more thhn 5-hundred former shuttle workers alreadyy have new jobs lined up. last weekk.. the space shuttle atlantis returned to earth... marking the end of nnsa's 30-year shuttleeprogramm president obama and house speaker john boehener both took to the &pairwaves last night to discus &ptheelack of prooress over the debt ceiling debate. and it seems the two with one week left beforeethh august 2ndd deadline ... president obama that would be more than a e short-term, 6 mooth solltion. but republicans fire back, they've done all they can ... and are upset the ppesiddnt has not agreed to aay f theii plans. can and will the deadlock be broken b
readable in bright light. quickly the pages turn, which can make a big difference. in this side-by-side comparisoo, the e-book reader on the right takes twice as long to turn a page.consumer reports says there are three e-book readers worth ccnsidering - the nook simple touch readee, the kindle wi-fi, and the kobo ereader touch edition. they all cost aaound 140 dollars. if color is a priority... consumer repprts says the 250- dollar nook color is your best color... great for people who coming up in our 7 o'clock hour... turns out stinky feet.. could serve a purpose after all.the deadly disease.. they could help fight. ((joel live tease))you're watching 3 we're off to a relatively mild start today... but the heat is coming back for the end of the week.the nuuber of lives last week's heatwave claamed in maryland. 3 nats: the gyroobowl is 100% totally absolutely id proof!! proof!! and.. you've seen it on t-v.want to know if pou've kid proof!! and.. - nats: tth gyro bowl is 100% ly - totally absolutely kid proof!! proof!! and.. you've seen it on really do that?we put
should do theer while tooiic liie raisiig tte & debtt eiling may not be big palkers among many young people, some students here saay the outcome f those neogitttionsin washington impact on their futurrs."(tostttab) i'm aboot to -3 praduate, i'm curious to see with how the budget's going to -3 go, whaa oes that mean in 3 will hit and it won't be good unless we see a good resolution passed."and the messsge to this crowd.... defaulting on the nation's debttobligatioos.... is not an option. in ccllege park, johh - rydell,,foo 45 news at ten. &p33 p inn.. 2006.../ - when... president obama .../ was... an illinois senator.../ ááheáá bushhs... plan.../ to... raise the debt ceiiing. ceillng. senaaor & obama... said.. / "thh... factt.. &pthat we're... here today.../ to... debatt raising & pmmrica's debt limit.... is... a sigg of... failure." he... "lladership mmann.../ 3 ááinsttadáá , ashinggoo... is shifting tte burden of ad ccoices
.the yellow ddys... those are scheduled vacation das dayss...and senators have a big vacation coming p.look at days... are vacatton ayssthat vacation actually extenns intt & the way... the pase salary of a u-sssenator earlier we asked if you thhught we are getting our money's worth from our lawmmkers in congrees. almost all of you on't think s. so.gily-ann writes on ourr website.."i waat my moneyyback" back!" and ari writee on faccbook..."congress shhuld lose their salaries until theyy pass a budget!" go to fox-baltimore dot com . ttll us what you think. sound off thru ffcebook. send us a tweet at to 45--03. enter fox45a for r yess fox45b for ate edition at 11. - in a few yearr they'll be defending our counnryy.. but today, some of ttem mighttfeel &plike defending their cellphones.joel d. smmth takks us to "induction ay" at he naval academy, where the class of 2015 leaves ehind mom and dad.... and a lot of hair. 3932 yes, i think i'm prepared. ttey all thiik so... but after a few ffnal pictures and reasurring huus... it's time to find out.35:28 wal
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of killing her daughterr.... casey aattony waaks out oofa fforida jjil a free woman. & the big question & is.... wheee is she now?nobodd bbt one ource cclims anthony boorded a pllne in rlando - shortly after she wws rellased..a lawyerrfoor -& anthony's parentsssay sse's ssfe. -3 33"llst night we goo aacclllffoo -& did my cciints. nee it ws - risky at best, and two, just in my pinnon, ooething that &pwoull not be benefiiial to saff. cindy receivee a text pffom jose." &pjose." 3&this viiee shows a woman running rom a car to a -33 building at orllndo's airpoott 3 could be a decoyy &3 this is wy casey's iicognitoo -3 thississthe phe was being rellasedd. crowws outtide he prisoon proteeteddherrrrleaae. peepll were aatually runninggtt catchh3 oou. &p3 airllne... ppssenger..../ 3 in... seriouu touble.../ & after she alllgedly groped - .../ aa.. t-s--... &paaent.../ aa... ppoenix.... sk harbor - airpoot.../. áápoliceáá -3 say... mii-amaa.../ refused... toogo thrr...
and - million...a very big deal.and probably higher than the ravensswere williig to aa least a million...they presumably now tty to re-sign chris carr,,but there are reports he's talking to the jets... the ravens will hit the field tomorrow afternoon to oppn being hhld in owings mills, all workouts will be closed to theepublic, bbt you will have at llast oncc chance to seem hem..thh ravens announced today that they will hhld a public practicee aa m&t bank stadium august 6th, and they go on to sayyit couild be the only chance you'll have to see will be held aa 10am, gates will open at 9.. it'll be very similar to one held last year, that drew over 17-thousand to m&t bank interesting pre-season o say from owings mills... 3 even though they're apparently not gonna hit the practice ravens did report today, and phat includes their quarterback, joe beginning his 4th year, flacco is losing tto of his favorite receivers, derrick mason and tooa lot because he trusted - them...but lacco knows thaa's the way of the nfl, and he has no option but to keep going.. 3 and t
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